1- Cheese – Cheese has gotten a bad rap over the years. Though it is relatively high in calories, it is high in protein with close to 0 carbs. As part of a low carb fat loss plan this can be a very good food choice. If you are really concerned with the calories try a reduced or no fat option and it will become a Great choice!

2- Bacon – Another food that people always associate with being not healthy for some reason. It’s no carb and high in protein. It is also relatively easy to cook off a large portion of the fat and grease if you are trying to limit calories. This is a much better food choice than all those cereals, yogurts and “whole wheat” breads loaded with carbs giving you that high blood sugar doughy physique.

3- Eggs – There is a misconception that eggs will send your cholesterol levels through the roof. Actually eggs (especially farm fresh cage-free) are loaded with healthy fat and cholesterol which can have a positive effect on your health.

4 – Nuts – People usually dwell on the fact that nuts are high in fat. Well the first thing to know is that eating fat doesn’t make you fat, eating sugar does. Although nuts are high in fat, they are high in healthy omega fats. Omega fatty acids are healthy for just about every body system, along with helping to fight many diseases. Eating a diet high in healthy fats can ensure proper hormone levels, fight inflammation, and help you to lose weight.