By: Anthony Campo


Stretch tight muscles everyday – Most people’s daily lives breed tight unbalanced muscles. Unfortunately people usually wait for an injury to occur before they do something about it. Get in tune with your body and spend a little time everyday stretching these muscles, and doing some mobility work. This can be as easy as getting up an extra 5 min early every morning. Doing this every day is important especially if you have spent the majority of your life not paying attention to these imbalanced or tight muscles. You simply are not going to fix 20 years or more of bad habits with doing something a couple times a week… it must be done every day.

Stretching has also been shown to help release toxins in the muscles, which can cause illness and dysfunction. Stretching can also help stimulate the production of chemicals in the body such as endorphins, which is the body’s natural pain killer. Stretching can also improve circulation and brain function. So before you reach for the cup of coffee or 5 hour energy, try stretching for 5-15 minutes, and you might just unlock your body’s natural energy drink!