“Abdominal” Finisher

By Anthony Campo

It is no secret; you will get the majority of your “core” or “ab” development from increasing your performance at the main lifts such as Deadlifts, Squats, and Overhead Presses. These main lifts train the “core” under the highest intensities, and the “core” both stabilizes these movements, along with facilitating the proper motor unit recruitment throughout the entire body. The “core” also gets trained through utilizing proper breathing technique to brace posture, and build intra-abdominal pressure. With this all being said, if you are already on a program to train and improve these lifts, it is nice to have a finishing routine to hit “core” hard, and help you get to that next level of development. I put core in quotation mark because it really can refer to any muscle group from the chest down to the knees. This article is referring to the “core” in magazine lingo, and in magazine lingo this is a finishing abdominal program to do after your main lifts to get you that ripped, hard, shredded, rippling, cut, tone, etc.

Hanging Leg Lifts 3×10

Ab Rollouts 3×15

Supine on bench complex – Straight Leg Lift x15 followed immediately by knees tucked to chest x 15 followed immediately by dragon flags x 15 followed immediately by leg scissors x15 each side.

50 Crunches

Have Fun!