Get Lean Eating Pizza

By: Anthony Campo

Here is a great way to indulge on pizza and still adhere to a fat loss diet plan

Low-Carb Pizza

– Get a piece of chicken breast. Pound it with a meat tenderizer until its nice flat/thin and circular. Brush with some olive oil, and season to your liking.

– Load up with cheese and your favorite meat and veggie toppings

– Be careful with sauce, a lot of pre-made sauce is loaded up with sugar. So either find or make your own low-carb sauce. If you are having trouble finding a low-carb red sauce just try olive oil and garlic.

Here are some tasty combinations you can try…

Spinach/Ricotta (White)

Sausage/Pepperoni/Beef (Red)

Anchovy/Broccoli (White)

All high protein low-carb options!!!