By: Anthony Campo

Bands can be a great way to help facilitate proper movement patterns. Here are some specific ways to use them to help correct imbalances, and help the Central Nervous System learn motor plans for proper mechanics.

Weak glutes during squats and lunges = Knees protruding inward during movement
– Put a band around knees to cue the body to push the knees out (“spread floor with feet”) during the movement. This will facilitate better glute function. Use appropriate resistance on bands for your ability level. If you don’t have access to a variety of bands, experiment with placement of the band in order to reach desired resistance.

Poor upward rotation of Scapula during pressing movements = Weak lock-out
– Put bands around wrists to cue the body to “spread the bar apart” during the movement. This will help focus on upwardly rotating the scapula, which will facilitate better tricep function and lockout.