By: Anthony Campo

Much has been researched and written about in regards to improving the health and function of your gut. This is a brief synapsis of all the information I have read and studied over the past years in the topic of improving “gut” health.

The health of your gut is extremely important in order to help us achieve a wide variety of goals. In terms of general health and wellness proper gut function allows us to properly digest food, absorb nutrients, and allows our body to communicate with ourselves. Many people know about the importance of proper digestion and absorption… but communication? Yes, latest research has shown that our guts pretty much have their own brain that sends messages throughout the body which can dramatically influence our health. Research has provided evidence that the “brain” in our gut is just as important as the brain in our head, and plays a vital role in chemical processes throughout the entire body. So the simple point to all this is what you put into your body matters, it matters A LOT. Everyone knows that person who claims they can eat whatever they want, and look however they want. This is a lie. They may have good genetics and a decent physique, but it is only a matter of time before what they put into their body catches up to them. It may be 5 years, it may be 10 years, but eventually those good genetics will be destroyed by the abuse they have done to their guts over the years. All I can think of is ‘What A Waste.’ I was not blessed with great genetics and have worked my butt off to unlock my potential. If these individuals would just put in the hard work to go with their great genetics they might just be able to become something special… but I digress.

The bacteria in your body also play a huge role in how your body functions. ”Your body is comprised of approximately 10 trillion human cells. But you also harbor approximately 100 trillion bacterial cells. Do the math. You’re 90% non-human.”