by: Anthony Campo

It is common knowledge that “fad diets” just don’t work, right? The reason for this is that a “fad diet” normally refers to a plan that is relatively extreme and cannot be sustained long term. It is true that this is neither an efficient nor an effective way to go about nutrition for the general population. The majority of individuals would benefit from learning the basic science of nutrition, and applying the principles to a plan they can follow consistently. However, for the individual that has been doing this for a long period of time and has already achieved some success in their goals, a short term “fad” style plan might be the ticket to get them to that next level for a specific event. It is imperative to still understand that the majority of your success will come from consistently following the basic principles and science of nutrition (As outlined in the book Do This, Eat That,) and that this article is just to help you put on the finishing touches. This article will specifically pertain to diets that you can follow short term to get as lean as possible.
I am not going to give you specific numbers in terms of calories or macro nutrients. Just remember that a good general rule to use for protein is 1 gram of protein for every pound you would LIKE to weigh. A general rule to use for calories is the body weight you would LIKE to weigh x 10. Adjust quantities of the food based on these numbers. Obviously these numbers can range largely based on specific cases.

It’s simple, 3 meals a day, choose 1 to follow for 28 days…

Diet Plan 1 – No Choices
Meal 1 – eggs and spinach
Meal 2 – tuna and kale
Meal 3- chicken and broccoli

Diet Plan 2 – Some Choice
Meal 1 – low carb protein shake
Meal 2 – fat free no sugar added greek yogurt with scoop of low carb protein powder
Meal 3 – either fish/chicken/steak with either broccoli/spinach/kale

Diet Plan 3 – Most Choices
Meal 1 – low carb protein shake
Meal 2 – egg salad with choice of a green leafy vegetable
Meal 3 – any non-breaded meat with choice of a green leafy vegetable