By: Anthony Campo

1.) Drink more water – It boggles my mind every time I hear new research studies outlining just how common it is for many individuals to drink very little or even no water per day. Everybody is constantly trying to find ways to look and feel better. For many people just taking a few seconds every 30-60 minutes to chug down some water might do just that.
2.) Exercise – Many people like to talk about exercise, but how many are actually doing it, and doing it with enough frequency and intensity? Get in the gym, do stuff at home in front of the TV, or go to the park… just do something. Do it hard and do it frequently. Going to the gym twice per week to use the treadmill or elliptical for 20 minutes just isn’t going to cut it.
3.) Eat to fuel your body, not to satisfy your cravings – Before you eat anything, take the time to think about just why you are eating it? Is it matching your goals, or are you just trying to see what you can get away with?