By: Anthony Campo

Training is very complex, yet if broken down right can be very simple. The science that goes into optimizing all of the different things that go into truly causing your body to adapt can be overwhelming. With this being said it stands to reason that you if you are not willing to dedicate your time into really grasping an understanding of training science, then you should at least be focusing your efforts on the concepts that are relatively easy.
This starts first with making sure you are training the exercises and movements that will give you the most bang for your buck. Next your must do your best to identify weaknesses and imbalances and train them. One easy thing you can do once you identify a weakness is to train that movement or muscle group with a high frequency to bring it up.
Here are some specific circuits you can use to bring up a specific muscle group. I would recommend doing the circuit 3-5 times per week to help stimulate and bring up the weak area. You can zero in on a couple areas at a time, and use the circuit as a finisher to end each training session.

One set of pike pushups to failure
Without putting dumbbells down perform 10 standing side raises, 10 standing front raises, 10 standing posterior delt raising, 10 bent over prone trap raises, 10 bent over rear delt raises, 10 bent over posterior delt raises, 10 standing upright rows, 10 standing external rotations, 10 dumbbell presses focusing on the areas of shoulder complex

One set of pullups to failure
Face down on a bench perform YTWL’s, 8 reps each with a 2 second hold on each one focusing on scapular movement.
1 set of 15 face pulls again focusing on scapular movement
15 reps each of scapular pushups, scapular pullups, and scapular dips

One set of dips to failure
Overhead dumbbell tricep extensions 30 reps
Tricep push downs 30 reps

One set of chinups to failure
Standing barbell curls 30 reps
Seated reverse curls 30 reps
Dumbbell hammer curls 30 reps

Prone wrist curls 50 reps
Supine wrist curls 50 reps
Dumbbell grip holds to failure

On set of inverted rows to failure
Dumbbell Pullovers 30 reps
Lat pull downs 30 reps

Low Back
Back extensions 50 reps

Leg lifts 30 reps
Ab roll outs 30 reps
Crunches 50 reps

One set of body weight good mornings to failure
Glute ham bridges 30 reps
Cable pull-thrus 30 reps

One set of bodyweight squats to failure
One set of sissy squats to failure
Wall sit to failure

100 reps of any calf raise variation
100 reps of dorsi-flexion against bands

When trying to bring up a weak area it is imperative to really focus on and visualize the area (s) that you are trying to bring up while you are training. I have hit all of the major areas. If you have any questions about more specific muscle groups or movements you may Email me directly at [email protected].