By: Anthony Campo

With type II diabetes at an all-time high, and numbers expected to increase to 66 percent of the U.S. population suffering from the disease by the year 2040, it is pivotal that we better understand just what is necessary to make improvements with this growing epidemic. The problem is not only that the average American does not have the general base of knowledge to attack this issue, but for some reason, neither do the majority of physicians and other health care workers. Some of the information provided in hospitals by dieticians and physicians is absolutely horrendous. Even healthcare professionals who specialize in the field of treatment for individuals suffering with type II diabetes or forms of insulin resistance seem to only be making the problem worse with their advice. Due to the continued incompetence of many healthcare professionals and physicians the disease is growing. It is time to get some facts straight in order to begin solving the problem.
Now I do submit to the fact that in healthcare there are always grey areas, and science continues to evolve as we continue to learn more and more. This however does not take away from the fact that 99 percent of the solution we do know, and that grey area only accounts for a very small percentage. So let’s start focusing on that 99 percent that we do know. Why people that get paid to know this stuff for a living do not understand this 99 percent of information is beyond me. Much of the information that is behind these facts is found in freshmen level science classes. Perhaps the problem is application, and many professionals are not able to apply this science to solve actual problems.

In Part II I will discuss facts that will help to clear up some primary misconceptions pertaining to nutrition and blood sugar.