By: Anthony Campo

One thing that I have learned over years of training is that no matter the situation, you should always do something.
Are you injured? – Do Something
Are you sick? – Do Something
Are you busy and have no time? – Do Something
Is the weather bad? – Do Something
Do you have other responsibilities to attend to? – Do Something
This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in the gym, or go crazy when you aren’t feeling well or are injured. It does mean that no matter what the situation is, take the time (no matter how little time you have,) to do something that will help you make progress. Doing absolutely nothing is very rarely the right answer. If you are injured then do some corrective work to speed up the healing process. If you are sick take some time to take a nap or get some extra sleep. If you are extremely busy then find a way to add in short bursts of exercise throughout the day. If you are stuck in your house due to the weather then figure out a good routine of body weight exercises to do at home. If you have other responsibilities then figure out a way to prioritize your training and adjust your schedule accordingly.
Be a problem solver instead of a problem seeker and learn to roll with the punches and keep making progress!