By: Anthony Campo

Complexes are a great way to improve conditioning, build muscle, lose fat and practice form on some of the best exercises. I have created a master complex that has built in progressions in which you are able to auto-regulate each session. It also will allow you to train various loads and intensities in order to maximize gains and strengthen weaknesses.
The exercises are specifically ordered from “hardest” to “easiest.” This will help you to train at a higher intensity in order to maximize results.
The Complex is as follows:
Start with an unloaded barbell and perform 5 reps of each exercise in a row without putting the bar down.

Front Squats
Bent Over Rows
Back Squats

After each set, ramp up the weight by 5-20 pounds (depending on your level.) Take a couple minutes rest between the sets. Continue to increase the weight until one of the exercises becomes too challenging to complete. Take a couple minutes rest after completing the complex and perform one rep-out set for that individual exercise.
After another rest period, continue to increase the weight and perform another set of complexes without that exercise. Again keep increasing the weight each set until one of the exercises becomes too challenging. Repeat the same as above performing an individual rep set with the one exercise that became too challenging, then dropping that exercise off for the next set of complexes. Continue doing this until you are down to one exercise.
The next session that you perform the complex try to set records by increasing the weight, and hitting more reps on your rep-out sets!