By: Anthony Campo

Vegan/Vegetarian Diets

Amongst many of these popular fads is the idea that cutting meat and meat products out of your diet is somehow an improvement. Meat contains many of the essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are needed to be a strong, lean, healthy individual. Individuals that decide not to eat meat for moral reasons face a huge challenge in trying to replace all of these nutrients by means other than meat. If you are deciding to not eat meat or meat products because you believe that it is healthier, then I am sorry but that is just not correct. When you do not eat meat, you not only are not getting many valuable nutrients, but the substitute food choices often could have some real detrimental health effects. Many vegetarians destroy their body chemistry with processed carbohydrates and soy products. For any individual who claims that it is somehow unnatural or unhealthy for humans to eat meat, remember that the evolution of our ancestors learning to cook and eat meat was one of the primary factors that allowed our brains to develop into the intelligent life forms we now are.
The one good thing that has come from the vegetarian and vegan fad is the prioritizing of eating a lot of vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables. Everyone in general should be eating more whole foods including green leafy vegetables along with meats, fruits and other actual natural foods. For optimal health these natural foods should be eaten in a way that maximizes the benefits of nutrient breakdown and timing as it pertains to your goals.