By: Anthony Campo

My training partner Jim and I were discussing some common flawed ideology that is contributing to a lack of success many people have with fat loss. In doing so Jim came up with a great analogy that might help put fat loss in a better perspective.
In discussing how many individuals have put themselves in a deficit with years and years or poor nutritional choices and lack of training/exercise, we realized that you should look at your health and fitness as a bank account or line of credit. So many people never make progress because for every step forward they take 2 steps back. An example would be getting in a good session at the gym and then rewarding yourself with a bad nutritional choice afterwards. This would be the equivalent of trying to pay off a $50,000.00 credit card bill you have accrued over the past 10 years. You pay off $100.00 and to reward yourself you then go out and spend $200.00. You are never going to get anywhere that way, and the same goes for health and fitness. If you are trying to fix muscle weaknesses that are leading to pain and dysfunction you are not going to make progress by focusing on it a couple hours a week and then going back to your old habits the rest of the time. In order to achieve success it is important to realize that it will take a proportional amount of time to counter the bad choices of the past. So start paying off that fat debt by chipping away at it day by day, week by week, year by year just like you would a financial debt.