“Healthy” Foods That Aren’t So Healthy

By: Anthony Campo

1 – Cliff Bars or any “organic natural” bar – It is time to start calling these what they actually are… Candy Bars! You must account for them in your nutrition plan like a candy bar.
2 – “High Fiber” “Fortified” Cereals – There are plenty of better ways to get adequate fiber and nutrients in your diet without a load of processes sugars. See: meats, veggies and fruits.
3 – Oatmeal – Steel Cut Oats are a healthy carbohydrate that could benefit your diet, however other oatmeal (especially sweetened instant oatmeal) are the equivalent of eating a piece of pie for breakfast.
4 – Fruit Juices, Dried Fruit – This combination of concentrated fructose and added sugars could be the single worst thing for overweight individuals trying to lose fat. The minimal amount of vitamins and nutrients do not outweigh the potential hazards of these being a consistent part of your diet.
5 – Yogurt – Unsweetened Greek Yogurt is a great food choice, with plenty of health protein and fat. However, most yogurts are made “fat free, “ then pumped full of sweetened fruits and sugars making them a horrible food choice for anybody trying to lose weight.