February 2019 Newsletter

February Wellness Seminar:
The Quick Coherence Technique

What do you do when you are the one who needs a break? Learn how to “reset” your own system with this evidence-based, easy method for releasing stress “on the fly” and “in the moment”.  This class will give you an overview of the physiology of stress and teach you a simple tool for bringing your system back into balance. Learn how to let go of draining emotions such as anger, fear and frustration in two minutes or less.

Using your breath and focused intention, you will learn how to become both relaxed and energized.  With consistent practice, this technique may help you to reduce anxiety, sleep better, and improve your ability to think clearly.

The class instructor is Rick Gridley, RAC Yoga Instructor for seven years and a certified teacher of the Quick Coherence Technique for the past 15 years.  Rick uses this technique himself as a way to stay grounded, balanced and open-hearted.

This class will be held on Sunday, February 23 from 1:00-2:00pm in the Serling Room on the lower level of the Double Tree Hotel.    The cost is $10 for RAC members, $15 for non-members.  Registration can be done by phone or in person at Riverwalk Athletic Club.

Cycling Theme Week:  Love is in the Air
February 9-15th