Questioning Weight Watchers

By: Anthony Campo

If quality and success were the primary determinants, Weight Watchers would have went out of business years ago, however it still remains as popular as ever. Even physicians are recommending it for their overweight patients (including children,) even though it goes against everything we know in science. The one thing Weight Watcher’s is really good at is marketing. So many individuals blindly follow weight watchers because it has been sold to them as the solution to their weight loss problems. To compound the problem, weight watchers is also in bed with many processed food corporations whose lobbyists have manipulated the truth in order to continue fattening their pockets. There is one goal for these companies, to make money. This means preserving foods with dangerous trans fatty acids and additives to increase shelf life and finding new ways to keep customers coming back to buy their foods by adding addictive substances such as processed sugar.
*A recent study showed that mice addicted to both sugar and heroin became more crazed for the sugar and actually preferred it to the heroin.
We know that one of the keys to proper fat loss and increased health is a diet rich in whole foods such as fresh meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and fruits. With that being said weight watchers is not affiliated with any of these foods. Instead you will see their name plastered all over processed foods filled with excess sugar, high fructose corn syrup, bad trans-fatty acids and other things used to add flavor and preserve foods for a long shelf life.
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I cannot even look at their website without my head wanting to explode. There is absolutely no basis in science in their diet plan, and it does nothing but add the increasing obesity and diabetes epidemic. There is no instruction on how to construct a proper diet plan based on macro nutrients as they relate to your activity level and body chemistry. Instead emphasis is placed on an arbitrary point system that says a plate of french fries are the same as a protein shake. According to their plan you can eat 10 apples a day on top of your normal meals and still lose weight even if you are diabetic. Their plan is based in the false logic that reducing fat and calories is the best way to lose weight. This narrative has been lobbied by the sugar companies for decades in response to the overwhelming scientific evidence of the dangers associated with processed sugars. We have seen obesity and diabetic rates more than triple in numbers in this time as a result of the actions of these lobbyists. Any success individuals have on weight watchers short term is due to the small reduction in consumption and calories. Unfortunately the success is short-lived because that method of eating actually continuously damages the metabolism over time. These individuals are not learning how to eat properly and their weight yo-yos up and down. This helps to keep people coming back and pumping money into the weight watchers product as they continue to damage their body composition and metabolism.
It is time for people to know the true evils of companies like weight watchers who have been profiting off the population’s ignorance and could care less if the country continues to get more sick.