Get Specific

By: Anthony Campo

One of the primary reasons people hire a personal trainer is structure. Structure in a training program, nutritional plan, and schedule is pivotal for success. Once a structured plan has been made many people are then looking for someone to hold them accountable in the execution of the structure. I have realized that it is much easier for individuals to hold themselves accountable when they have a specific plan to follow. The problem is that most of the rhetoric that is fed to the public consists of blanket non-specific statements such as…
All you need to do is eat less and move more
Eat less calories than you burn
Eat gluten free, low fat, all natural, organic blah blah blah
None of these statements truly mean anything which makes it extremely hard to follow. These generic generalized statements do nothing but detract from individuals getting truly educated.
The key is to come up with a specific plan that you know the details of and science behind. If you spend the time to educate yourself on just what it is that you are doing then you will have a better chance of executing it and achieving success in your goals.