The Protein Shake Myth

By: Anthony Campo

A few times a week I show up to work with a protein shake needed to help satisfy the protein requirements needed to suit my goals. This usually drums up a conversation with some of my co-workers asking me, “What are you drinking?” After I tell them, a follow up question has arisen more times than you would believe.
“Don’t you have to work out to drink that or else you will put on fat?”
With everything that we know in nutritional science this still is somehow a predominant thought that many individuals may believe that could be dramatically impairing there fitness goals. Many of these same individuals have no problem snacking on candy and crackers all day long, which have some of the quickest pathways to fat in the body. No one ever asks someone mindlessly eating a bag of skittles if they work out a lot as to not put on fat. This is one of the essential flawed ideologies adding the obesity and diabetes epidemic we have.
On the flip side a good protein snack such as a protein shake will promote thermogenesis (fat burning) in the body, promote protein synthesis (The best thing you can do long term to burn fat is put on muscle,) and help regulate blood sugar which is also needed to burn fat.