Anybody who goes to the gym should be working towards…

By: Anthony Campo

1.) Learning a proper hinging movement pattern
2.) Learning a proper shoulder/scapular movement pattern
3.) Improving bodyweight exercises such as the pushup, pullup, squat, and lunge
4.) Learning weaknesses and imbalances, then figuring out what to do to fix them
5.) Improving overall conditioning and mobility

If you consistently go to the gym but are not working hard at any of these things then it is safe to say that you are NOT using your time wisely. A complete training session should be working on all of these areas no matter if you are a man, woman, child, or elderly individual. The way in which each of these is addressed can be more specific depending on individual goals.

The complete way to do this can be learned in the book Do This, Eat That available at and the Riverwalk Athletic Club.