Campo’s Law of Imbalance

By: Anthony Campo

Campo’s Law of Imbalance = An Imbalance will continue to create greater imbalance until acted upon by an outside force (Training)

Similar to Newton’s First Law of motion that states in part that an object in motion will remain in motion until acted upon by an outside force, Campo’s Law states that unless outside force is taken then all of your muscular and structural imbalances will continue to worsen in a positive feedback loop fashion. A positive feedback loop causes a self-amplifying cycle where a physiological change leads to even greater change in the same direction. The cycle of imbalance in the body is an example of a positive feedback loop. I have discussed this in more detail in prior blogs (see The Pain Loop Parts I and II.)

So how do I break the loop and begin improving my imbalances?

Step 1 – Identify
Identify faulty mechanics that are the root cause of the problem
Step 2 – Motor Learning
Learn correct motor plans to optimize mechanics and movement patterns. These first steps require intense education and frequency of training in order to create neuro-muscular adaption.
Step 3 – Muscle Cuing
Once proper mechanics are learned and a the optimal neuro-muscular plan is created specific cues can be given to signal improved motor unit recruitment and inter/intra-muscular recruitment
Step 4 – Fine Tuning and Prevention
Continue to refine movement patterns and recruitment/coordination as well as identify imbalances and improper mechanics to prevent further problems from occurring.