Pop Goes The Weasel

By: Anthony Campo

An analogy for optimal movement during compound movements can be a jack in the box. You wind and wind building tension until…….. Pop goes the weasel.

During the eccentric portion (lowering) of an exercise you should be engaging muscles such that you are continuously building tension to maintain control and preparing for the concentric (up) portion of the movement. For most functional movements it is in your benefit to demonstrate a high level of control during the eccentric portion of the movement. This does not simply just mean going slow, but rather controlling the load in order to build tension and maintain proper mechanics.
As you are lowering a movement such as a squat, think of it as winding up that Jack in the box on the way down. Once you get to the appropriate range of motion under control then fire the proper muscles and POP! Explode up. This doesn’t just mean fast, but with power and explosiveness.