Test Your Shoulders

By: Anthony Campo

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A simple test you can perform to test for asymmetry between your shoulder/scapular stability involves performing pushups with kettlebells.

Grab 2 kettlebells and set them about shoulder width apart on the ground with the handles pointed in a neutral position.


Perform pushups with the best form you can, maintaining a stable core with the hips and shoulders in a straight line, and elbows pointing at about a 45-degree angle.

Focus on the lowering portion of the exercise and be careful not to tip the kettlebells over.

If an asymmetry is present you will notice one side wanting to “wobble” more than the other. This can be indicative of poor mechanics or muscle imbalances that can increase the chance for injury.

Tips for correcting shoulder/scapular stability asymmetry:

– Learn proper shoulder mechanics and use a mirror to practice mechanics and symmetry.
– Make sure to train unilaterally (one side at a time ex: Dumbbells) as well as bilaterally (both sides together ex: Barbell)
– Test range of motion for shoulder external and internal rotation to see if there is a significant different between sides.