3 Cues to Better Engage the Glutes

By: Anthony Campo

Many times back and knee dysfunction is created from improper use of the glutes during movement. Optimally engaging the glutes will help to facilitate proper mechanics and avoid injury.

There are 3 primary movements that the glutes are responsible for to create movement:
-Hip Extension
-Hip Abduction
-Hip External Rotation

“Thrust” – This will help cue the hip extensors to better use your glutes instead of back extensors to finish hinging movements.

“Spread the floor” – While your feet are grounded drive your feet apart like you are spreading the floor apart to help fire you hip abductors.

“Screw your feet outwards” – While your feet are grounded pretend like you are turning them outwards, like your unscrewing a lightbulb, to more effectively engage your hip external rotators.