Equipment-less Training

Every so often you might find yourself in a situation in which you would like to continue training even though you will be without access to your favorite gym equipment for a period of time. This could be a great opportunity to place emphasis on alternate areas of training that you might have otherwise ignored. There are many exercises you can perform without equipment that will allow you focus on muscular balance, mechanics, and posture.

By: Anthony Campo

Here is a list of the top equipment-less exercises in no particular order:

Squats – Work on your mechanics and vary the pace to emphasize either stability or explosiveness.

Lunges/Step-Ups/Stairs – Focus on maintaining balance on one leg for longer periods of time while performing the movements.

Pushups – Try to perform a personal best from varying height difficulties (ex: Counter top vs. Floor).

Doorway Hangs – Grab the top of a doorway to stretch and depending on your strength level try picking up your feet to either hang or perform a pull-up.

Planks – Go for a time record with various plank positions and difficulties.

Glute/Ham Bridges – Focus on proper muscle activation of the posterior change and then apply to functional movements such as walking.

Sit-ups – Try performing a personal best total for a timed set.