Increasing Efficiency Over the Holidays: Part I – Training

By: Anthony Campo

The Holiday season often has a negative impact on training and nutrition. There is much to do and time is valuable. When time is limited, efficiency is imperative to maintaining a schedule with training and nutrition. Due to the added stress of the holidays these two areas often suffer. Increased stress can reap havoc on mental sharpness and it’s important to know that training and nutrition play a large role in reducing this stress and improving your mental health; therefore, prioritizing how/when you exercise and eating the right foods can positively impact all areas of your life.

Gym Efficiency Tips:

– Ditch the treadmill – Walking around the gym between sets of bodyweight and resistance exercises will be more effective and efficient.

– Flow position to position – Plan your exercises out so that you are performing exercises in logical sequences so that you will not waste time changing body positions or stations at the gym.

– Superset agonist/antagonist or upper/lower body exercises – Instead of sitting and doing nothing between sets, use that time to train a different area of the body.

– Set a time limit – Perform as much work as you can in a set period of time and if you do not finish then do not worry, just try to improve next time