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Top 3 Reasons That You Are Not Making Progress

1. Training Sessions Are Not Intense Enough You have to push yourself in order to get your body to change and adapt. If you have limiting factors it is important to work with a doctor and a trainer to make…

No Limits

By: Anthony Campo When it comes to exercise, it is very important to remember that you are trying to change your body. Whether your goals are to lose weight, get stronger or healthier, the idea is to force your body…

May 2012 Newsletter

News & Events
Happy May to All! Here is what’s happening at the RAC this month: Our website has a new look and new features. We now have our membership information updated and have the capability to sign up for memberships through our…

An Easy Step To Take To Get Healthier….

Stretch tight muscles everyday – Most people’s daily lives breed tight unbalanced muscles. Unfortunately people usually wait for an injury to occur before they do something about it. Get in tune with your body and spend a little time everyday…

The Importance of Getting Stronger

Getting stronger doesn’t seem to be the most popular goal for most gym goers. It is tremendously overshadowed by losing weight, getting leaner, and getting beach muscles. While those are always important goals to have, they are goals that are…